Black Terns

Every year, from the begin of april, black terns return from Africa and start breeding in the Netherlands. In july they already went back to Africa, coast of Western Africa until Namibia. They nest in the Netherlands in agricultural grasslands, with high water tables, wide ditches and abundant floating waterplants. Almost the entire Dutch population […]

Ruff: a rare breeder in the Netherlands!

Ruff was formerly a characteristic breeding bird of open, wet and extensively used grasslands. But due to agricultural intensification and drainage the breeding population collapsed in 1970 – 2000. Yearly 15 – 30 breeding pairs in special areas. (Sovon Vogelonderzoek Nederland 2018, Vogelatlas van Nederland.) The posted ruffs are most likely passing birds on their […]

A royal bird: Kingfisher

The national bird of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is the blacktailed godwit. I’ve always regretted the outcome of this election. The blacktailed godwit is not all year round in the Netherlands, but hibernates in Western Africa, Portugal and Spain. The kingfisher on the other hand stays all year round in the Netherlands. But, more […]

Six tits.

The great tit (in Dutch: koolmees) is the most common tit in the Netherlands. 375 -625.000 breeding pairs; in winter 1-2 million specimen. Second best in amount in the Netherlands is the blue tit (in Dutch: pimpelmees). Breeding pairs 250-400.000; in winter 500.000 – 2 million specimen. Less common in the Netherlands is the longtailed […]